Odile fine art

704 Main St.,Harwich, MA 02645  508-4323000


My first drawing was traced from a coloring book.  I was only two years old but it must have been good enough for my mother to write in my baby book, "I think we have an artist in the family".  I remember so well my lessons at the Berkshire Art Museum that started when I was in the fourth grade.  I would walk the entire length of North Street, carrying my paintbox filled with brushes and watercolor paints. I knew who I was. "I'm an artist", I said to myself.  " And if Picasso can sign his paintings with one name, so can I. I'll use my middle name- Odile." How lucky I was.

I have always made my living by my hand, first as a graphic designer, then a knitwear designer, a clothing designer and a painter. 

Having lived by the water for over thirty years, I have found great inspiration and solace at the ocean's edge.  A place where clouds lay down and waves rise up; where birds dive and fish jump.

An orchestration of movement like the breathing of the earth.

So I put oil to canvas hoping to depict those moments from memory when I find myself where earth, sky and water come together. Not painting specific location or details, but rather with feeling for a place, I'm allowing the viewer into the work.